The Belarusian Canadian Alliance (BCA) and the Belarusian-American Association (BAZA) Hold Their 35th Summit of Belarusians in North America on 2024 Labour Day weekend in Toronto

August 31, 2024, at GVA Lighting (2771 Bristol Circle, Oakville ON L6H 6X5)

September 1, 2024, at Parish of St. Kiryla of Turau (524 St Clarens Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3W7)

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The tradition of bi-annual meetings between Canadian and American Belarusian diasporas dates back to 1952, when the Summit was first held in Niagara Falls in Canada.  This event is one of the largest and most representative Belarusian gatherings abroad, organized by and for the diaspora.

The Summit has grown and will be well attended. This year our partners include Association of Belarusians in America (ABA), Association of Belarusian Business Abroad (ABBA). GVA Lighting and Parish of St. Kiryla of Turau. The Summit will gather the attendees from not only Canada and the USA but also Europe. 

Program Highlights:

Day 1:

High-tech and modern technologies, thanks to the main sponsor of the meeting, business with Belarusian roots in Canada (GVA Lighting).

Panel discussions on the collaboration between diaspora, independent media, and business communities.

Presentations by renowned Belarusian scientists and researchers.

Charity auction.

Day 2

Honoring the memory of older generations in the diaspora.

Worship at the Church of St. Kiryla of Turau.

Historical artifact exhibition.

Presentations about outstanding Belarusians from the US and Canada diasporas.

Surprises from business community and bloggers (details to follow).

Day 3:

Exploring the picturesque Canadian nature.

Excursion to the Belarusian Cross monument in a natural and historical reserve on Lake Huron.

Unique wooden interior church.

Hiking trails with views of Lake Huron.

Museum showcasing the lives of the first European settlers in Canada.