95th Anniversary of Birth of Kastus Akula

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November 16th 2020 marks the 95th anniversary of the birth of the writer Kastus Akula.

Alexander Kachan (this was the name of the future writer before emigration) was born on November 16, 1925 in the village of Veratei, Dzisna district, Vilenski wars. (today Dokšycy district of Vitebsk region in Belarus.) During the German occupation, he successfully completed teacher training courses in Hlybokaye and taught at the village Porplišča (Dokšycy district).

From the spring of 1944 Akula was a cadet of the Minsk officers’ school of the BKA, together with his students Akula left Belarus in the summer of 1944. He joined the 30th SS Ziegling Division, joined the Allies, and fought against the Nazis as part of the Second Polish Corps.

In 1946-1947 Akula lived in the UK. He was a member of the Belarusian Alliance in Great Britain. In June 1947 Akula moved to Canada, where he became one of the founders of Belarusian Canadian Alliance and its first chairman. Kastus Akula lived in Toronto.

In 1948-1954 Akula edited the newspaper “Belarusian Emigrant”. In 1974-1997 he published the magazine for the Belarusian military “Attention!”. Kastus Akula authored a number of novels, including “Fighting Roads” (1962), “Horavatka” (1965-1981), “Tomorrow is Yesterday” (1968), “For Freedom” (1991). Akula was an honorary member of the Union of Belarusian Writers.

Kastus Akula died on January 29, 2008, and was buried at Pine Hills Cemetery in Toronto.
(Materials by Natalia Hardzienka)


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