Canadian Alliance

Uniting Belarusians of Canada since 1948

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  • Захоўваем беларускую гісторыка-культурную спадчыну і беларускую мову.
  • Прадстаўляем беларуска – канадскую супольнасць перад народам і ўрадам Канады.
  • Падтрымліваем беларускую дыяспару ў Канадзе і садзейнічаем дэмакратычным зменам у Беларусі.


БЕЛАРУСКАЯ НАЦЫЯНАЛЬНАЯ IДЭЯ паміж двума акіянамі! 2023/11/05 – Атава


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An Inspiring Day of Solidarity: President Zelensky’s Visit to Canada Fills Hearts with Hope 🇨🇦🇺🇦

The Belarusian Canadian Alliance had the privilege of witnessing President Zelensky in person. As Belarusians, we want to emphasize our support for Ukraine and make it clear that we do not align with Lukashenka’s regime or Russia.

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Concerns Over Recent Belarusian Government Directive-Statement to Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada.

The Belarusian Canadian Alliance writes to Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refuges, and Citizenship of Canada to express our concern regarding the recent directive of Lukashenka. We ask Canada to protect Belarusians.

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Belarusians with Ukrainians, Polish, Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians at commemorative event of Black Ribbon Day (Soviet-Nazi Pact August 23rd, 1939)… Read more

I stand with Belarus – 2023

Беларусы Манрэаля правялі сустрэчу з нагоды гадавіны выбараў 2020 года. Belarusians of Montreal gathered to mark the 3rd anniversary of the 2020 elections.

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Kupalle in Toronto/Купалле 2023 у Таронта

Фольк гурт Яваровы Людзі і Згуртаваньне Беларусаў Канады адсвяткавалі Купалле 2023 на базе адпачынку Слуцак.

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Dear friends!

We have been working diligently for seven decades and fulfilling our mission to protect the interests of Belarusians. We hold cultural events, maintain contact with local organizations and politicians, and help Belarusians in Belarus. We exist thanks to the tireless work of volunteers. Membership fees and proceeds from events help fund only the bare essentials.

Thanks to organizations and units, we can organize more interesting events, invite artists from Belarus, and extend assistance to Belarusians. If you can donate any amount, please use the links to the right.

Thank you for your help and your interest in the Belarusian community!