Joint Belarusian / Lithuanian Action

Lithuanian Canadian Community and the Belarusian Canadian Alliance

Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020

Canadian Belarusians, Canadian Lithuanians, and representatives of other diasporas formed a human chain in Toronto today to support the people of Belarus in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

Along Bloor Street from Kipling to Islington, four hundred members of the Lithuanian Canadian Community and Belarusian Canadian Alliance stood together to raise awareness of the tragic events in Belarus.

This was part of an international Freedom Way Vilnius-Belarus initiative with similar events taking place in over 20 countries.

“The historic Baltic Way of  August 23, 1989, was a human chain of 2 million people across Lithuania, Latvia  and Estonia, which later regained independence. Freedom Way Vilnius-Belarus on August 23, 2020 is our symbolic effort to show the people of Belarus that they are not alone,” says Skaidra Puodziunas, Coordinator of the Freedom Way for Belarus Event.

“All of us, living here in Canada, seem far from the front line of this battle between good and evil. However, we all need to help the Belarusians in Belarus with what we can: our moral solidarity, political support, and financial help,” says Mitt Korot from the Belarusian Canadian Alliance.

More info about the “Freedom Way Vilnius-Belarus” human chain formed in Lithuania today, in solidarity with Belarus opposition:


After the rigged presidential elections in Belarus on Aug 9, 2020, hundreds of thousands of Belarusians took to the streets in cities and towns all around the country to peacefully defend their vote only to realize that the dictator again chose to brutally repress the protests. The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that “We do not accept the results of this fraudulent presidential election in Belarus and call for free and fair elections.” Up to date, six protesters have already been confirmed dead with another 76 missing and numerous reports of injuries from the use of stun grenades, rubber bullets, and tear gas by the riot police. In addition, there is a wide body of horrifying evidence of inhumane treatment of detainees including tortures, rapes, and killing.

More background information about the historic Baltic Way1989 human chain:

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The Lithuanian Canadian Community represents Canadian residents of Lithuanian origin or descent, established in 1952.

The Belarusian Canadian Alliance has been the main organization of the Belarusian diaspora in Canada since 1948. Please contact us at or 

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