Start speaking French from day one with our “French for adults” program for complete beginners. Learn to pronounce French sounds correctly, read, and engage in conversations that will allow you to introduce yourself, shop at stores and order in cafes in just a few months.

Are your children enrolled in French Immersion program or attend a French-language school? This course will help you to develop the abilities to follow up your children’s school life through a variety of conversational, reading and listening practices.

We offer you one 80-minute week-end class from the comfort of your home. Our passionate and experienced instructor will work with you in a small group using modern techniques, original materials and interactive classes.

Participate in our French course and support a talented Belarusian teacher! Language is a skill that thrives on practice, which is why you also have the option to participate in an additional 45-minute practice session in the middle of the week.

 About the instructor:

Olga Garanin is a French teacher at the gymnasium №8 in Minsk, instructor at the French Embassy in Belarus and at the Franco-Belarusian Center, a certified examiner of international exams DELF / DALF, organizer of children’s eco-linguistic camp in “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” State Park in Belarus. Olga studied pedagogical innovations in French language teaching during an internship in Cavill, Vichy in France.

Program details:

  • 1 set (4-5 classes) – se présenter. You will learn how to introduce yourself and get to know your opponent.
  • 2 set (4-5 classes) – au café. You will learn the names of the glossary products, how to make an order in the café or restaurant, talk with the waitress about the dish, ask for the receipt.
  • 3 set (4-5 classes) – au téléphone: You will learn how to book a doctor appointment and call the taxi and much more.
  • Fall sessions will run for 6 weeks starting in Oct 2021.
  • Optional practice component – weekly 45-min evening call facilitated by teacher’s assistant from local canadian community (weekday, 6pm-9pm, exact day and time TBD)