Belarusian Canadian Alliance
Згуртаваньне Беларусаў Канады

Purpose of Corporation

  1. Preservation and cultivation of the Belarusian national and cultural heritage.
  2. Uniting Belarusians in Canada.
  3. Moral and financial assistance to Corporation members.
  4. Cultural and educational outreach.
  5. Defending the interests of Belarusians in Canada and worldwide.
    Additional Provisions
  6. Pursuant to subsection 197(1) (Fundamental Change) of the Act, a special resolution of
    the members is required to make any amendments to the following sections of the Bylaw
    a. Subsections 1.01 (“Definitions”), 1.02 (“Interpretation”), 1.03 (“Corporate
    Governing and Audit Bodies”), 1.04 (“Organization Structure of the
    Corporation”), 1.11 (“Importance of By-Laws and Articles”), 1.12 (“Language of
    this By-Law”) of Section 1 (“General”).
    b. Section 2 (“Membership”).
    c. Section 3 (“Membership dues, termination and discipline”).
    d. Section 4 (“Meetings of members”).
    e. Section 5 (“Directors”).
    f. Section 7 (“Officers”).
    g. Section 8 (“Notices”).
  7. A special resolution is also required to authorize purchasing and selling fixed assets of
    the Corporation.
  8. The decision of liquidation of the Corporation can only be made at a Meeting of
    Members and requires support of majority of 75% of all voting members of the
    Corporation not counting any proxy votes.
  9. The Corporation adheres to Vision and Values of “25 March” (Belarusian statehood)


Classes of Members / Catégories de members
The corporation is authorized to establish Voting Members class and Volunteer Members class
as follows:

  1. The Voting Members shall be entitled to receive notice of and to attend all meetings of
    the members of the Corporation and each Voting Member shall have on (1) vote at each
    such meeting, except for meetings at which only members of another class are entitled to
    vote separately as a class.
  2. Except as otherwise provided by the Canada Non-for-Profit Corporations Act, S.C. 2009,
    c23 the Volunteer Members shall not be entitled to receive notice of, attend or vote at
    meetings of the members of the Corporation.