• Toronto
  • August 31, 2024 12:00 am
  • 1398 Праглядаў

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The Belarusian Canadian Alliance (BCA) and the Belarusian-American Association (BAZA) will hold its 35th Summit of Belarusians in North America on August 31 and September 1, 2024 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The tradition of bi-annual meetings between Canadian and American Belarusian diasporas dates back to 1952, when the Summit was first held in Niagara Falls in Canada.

In the circumstances of the current political crisis in Belarus and war in Ukraine, Belarusian diasporas worldwide experience unprecedented challenges. This requires even greater communication and collaboration and joining forces.

The objectives of the 35th Summit are:

⭕To strengthen the human potential of Belarusian diaspora in North America, integrate newcomers into our communities, and preserve connection and knowledge transfer between generations of Belarusian immigrants in Canada and the USA;

⭕To promote communication and collaboration within Belarusian ethnic and business circles in North America, and create strong alliances with geographically proximate and likeminded counterparts, including, but not limited to, Ukrainian, Polish, and Baltic state diasporas;

⭕To defend and widely promote and communicate the vision of free and democratic Belarus in Canada and the USA, including to politicians, communities, diasporas, media, and academia;

⭕To integrate North American Belarusian diasporas with their European counterparts and strengthen connections amongst diaspora organizations and Belarusian Democratic Forces.

The Summit has grown and will be well attended. This year our partners include Association of Belarusians in America (ABA), Association of Belarusian Business Abroad (ABBA). GVA Lighting and Parish of St. Kiryla of Turau.

The Summit will gather the attendees from not only Canada and the USA but also Europe.On Aug 31st the Summit will be held on the premises of GVA Lighting, a successful Canadian business located in Oakville (Toronto) and a world leader in innovative and eco-smart lighting systems for architectural applications, led by an ethnic Belarusian. The Summit will continue on September 1 at the St. Kiryla of Turau Church.

All activists, artists, business owners, diaspora leaders and all friends of democratic Belarus interested in this important work and supporting democratic movements in Central and Eastern Europe are cordially invited to attend and support the Summit.


Alexandra Logvin, BCA President,

Natallia Fedarenka, BAZA President,

Alena Liavonchanka, BCA Secretary,

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